HoloMonitor provide vital information to development of improved child cancer treatment

In 2010 under the leadership of Associate Professor David Gisselsson Nord at Lund University, research results developed in a collaboration between Lund University Hospital, the Institute of Cancer Research in London and Phase Holographic Imaging (PHI) where published. These pre-clinical research results – to which PHI’s HoloMonitor® technology provided vital information – have now led to an improved clinical treatment of malignant child cancer. The Swedish Cancer Foundation recently granted Gisselsson Nord additional funding to further develop the treatment.

“Last weeks $7.4 million grant to David Gisselsson Nord and other cancer researchers at Lund University will create additional opportunities for PHI and our local customers here in Lund, who predominantly are cancer researchers,” said CEO Peter Egelberg.

“We all like to see businesses we are working with succeed. But there is always something a bit more when the technology leads to something really special. I’m proud to be a part of PHI, both as adviser and shareholder” – Ron Lowy, Denver.

Gisselsson et al, PNAS 2010

The HoloMonitor images on the left show a cancer cell which divides abnormally into three daughter cells. Two of the daughter cells reunite to later divide into two granddaughter cells. The image sequence shows that abnormal cancer cell divisions give viable daughter cells, which previously was unknown.