A Live Cell Analysis Tool your entire lab will use

HoloMonitor M4: A live cell imaging system for cell incubators or hypoxia chambers


  • Detailed kinetic cell morphology data without fluorescence.


  • Small footprint to fit your standard incubator.


  • Not all live cell imaging systems have to be expensive.


  • Automatic single-cell tracking of all individual cells in real-time.


  • Intuitive software to guide you from imaging to analysis.


  • Multiple results from one sample with this 8-in-1 live cell analysis tool.

The Applications

Kinetic Cell Morphology
(with 30+ parameters)

In-depth Single Cell
Tracking & Analysis

Kinetic Cell Motility &

Wound Healing
(Scratch assay)


Kinetic Cell Proliferation

Cell Growth | Cell Division
Cell Cycle

Cell Differentiation

Drug Dose-Response

Cytotoxicity & Cell Death

Cell Counter

Cell Quality Control (QC)

HoloMonitor - A cell culture microscope directly inside your incubator

A live cell analysis tool inside your incubator

Which application fits you most? Find out how HoloMonitor can accelerate your research!

Decode Cell Behavior Over Time

Label-free live cell video by HoloMonitor, showing that L929 mouse cells reduce cell motility after been treated with the chemotherapy drug colcemid.

Trusted by Leading Researchers


HoloMonitor M4 is a fantastic tool, easy to use, non-invasive, giving very clean 3D cell images. Time-lapse results are fascinating. HoloMonitor carries the researcher in the close vicinity of cells. The software is also very impressive and intuitive, giving unique values on cell morphology (volume) and behavior (mobility).

It is easy to rapidly obtain original cell information in response to many treatments. Price is very affordable. It is one of my best investments so far. The spectrum of applications is endless. I am fully convinced that this is the beginning of a new era for research.


Why HoloMonitor?

Zoomed view of yellow L929 cells on a bright blue background


A label-free live cell analysis tool

HoloMonitor uses digital holography technology to collect publication-quality images of your cells without any cellular markers, stains, or labels. Indeed, your cells are not affected whatsoever by this advanced cell-friendly live cell imager.

In addition, you receive detailed quantitative data. This way, you can study over 30 critical cell morphology parameters from a single sample and quantify dynamic cell shape or cell behavior changes over time — both on cell population and single-cell level.

Closeup of the HoloMonitor live cell imaging microscope on a lab bench.


For faster and more precise cell tracking

This high-precision live cell microscope automatically tracks each cell in real-time and gives you relevant data from single-cell to population-level correspondingly.

Above all, with the digital auto-focus and high-precision motorized stage, you don’t need to worry about focus drifting anymore. Hence, you can get exact measurements of your cells over time with no downtime between images.


Fit multiple systems in your incubator

HoloMonitor is built to operate 24/7 inside your standard incubator or hypoxia chamber. So you can monitor your cells live in their natural, undisturbed state.

Besides a small footprint, the small experiment file format allows you to use a standard laptop to connect to HoloMonitor and run experiments directly.


Set and go within 4 hours

The HoloMonitor cell analysis software is developed by and for cell biologists. Therefore, you won’t spend your valuable time on complicated software training. Also, the system installation is straightforward. In short, you can set up and be ready to run your experiments within 4 hours.

All HoloMonitor live cell assays guide you the whole way. Simply place your cell culture vessel onto the microscope stage. And let the intuitive software lead you through the experimental setup. Of course, you can export all generated data for your own analysis as well.

Sequence of images showing cell divisions, created by the incubator-based cell culture microscope - HoloMonitor


Small in size, small in price

Are all the research instruments so expensive? Here, the answer is definitely NO. The HoloMonitor system is affordable for any cell lab. Certainly, your entire lab will benefit.

Moreover, HoloMonitor has a fast image acquisition rate — so you never miss an important cellular event. For example, you can image, track and analyze all the cells in your fields of view every 5 minutes for 48 hours.

HoloMonitor App Suite software


One sample, multiple results

Every HoloMonitor image contains all the information needed for other analyses. Therefore, you can reanalyze results from previously run assays, answer more research questions and generate new data.

For example, you can get additional cell morphology data from a previous single-cell tracking experiment. As a result, you are saving hands-on lab time and your precious cell samples. While likewise you increase your productivity and efficiency in the lab!

Run multiwell time-lapses in your standard cell culture vessels

HoloMonitor’s motorized stage allows you to image and analyze cell cultures in standard formats. The easy-to-change holders let you work with multiwell plates or 35 mm Petri dishes. But also with plain microscope slides.