A Compact Incubator Microscope for Live Cell Imaging

HoloMonitor M4: A live cell imaging system for cell incubators or hypoxia chambers


  • Avoid known interference of cellular markers for biologically relevant results.


  • Small footprint to bring imaging inside your incubator.


  • Not all incubator microscopes have to be expensive.


  • Receive immediate real-time data and image sequences.


  • Intuitive software to guide you from imaging to analysis.


  • Controlled conditions matter for your cell culture.
The HoloMonitor live cell imager viewed from the front

A Novel Incubator Imaging System For Cell Research

The HoloMonitor incubator microscope brings live cell imaging to your trusted CO2 incubator where you can precisely optimize the growth conditions for your precious cell cultures.

24/7 Imaging & Data

An Advanced Incubator Microscope Designed For And By Scientists

Without HoloMonitor I wouldn’t have the very important live view. HoloMonitor is a really nice tool. You start testing your cell cultures while they are inside the incubator and then leave to grab a cup of coffee. It’s very simple to use! And when the tests are done, you get the data, images and the time-lapse recordings.

Prof. Anette Gjörloff Wingren
Malmö University

Multiwell Cell Culture Imaging

Run Cell-friendly, Automatic Live Cell Assays

HoloMonitor wound healing assay icon Wound Healing Assay

  • Measure the gap closure rate accurately
  • Determine gap closure kinetics in real-time automatically
  • Combine with the Cell Morphology Assay or apply Single Cell Tracking and for deeper insights

HoloMonitor cell motility assay icon Kinetic Cell Motility Assay

  • Get real-time data of the mean population speed
  • Use exceptional automatic cell segmentation and identification
  • Capture multiwell time-lapses with a high temporal resolution automatically

HoloMonitor cell proliferation assay icon Cell Proliferation Assay

  • Get real-time growth curves at user-selected intervals
  • Measure cellular characteristics at multiple positions in your vessel in real-time
  • With the HoloMonitor incubator microscope you may image multiple wells continuously without any operator intervention

Find out how other researchers use HoloMonitor live cell assays:

HoloMonitor single-cell analysis and tracking icon Single Cell Tracking Assay

  • Image, monitor and track adherent cells automatically
  • Get high-content results both on single cells and their entire family trees
  • Enjoy powerful algorithms that generate automatic tracking results immediately

HoloMonitor cell morphology assay icon Cell Morphology Assay

  • Image with high temporal resolution down to seconds for in-depth studies
  • Get exact cell segmentation on various cell shapes and sizes and study data of 30+ cell morphology features
  • Quantify cell morphology changes over time down to single-cell level without any cellular labels

HoloMonitor kinetic dose response assay icon Kinetic Dose Response Assay

  • Set up one single experiment for all time points
  • Assess and quantify the dose-response relationship directly
  • Generate automatic real-time dose-response curves from a single in vitro experiment

Which assay fits you best?

Live cell imaging demonstration - HoloMonitor inside a cell incubator in a cell laboratory

Bring Imaging to the incubator

Incubator microscope or stage-top incubator?

dose response results screenshot

Optimized conditions are crucial for reproducible results.

Studying cells under physiological conditions with optimal temperature, humidity, and CO2/O2 levels is critical for your research. Cells are sensitive to environmental changes, and dramatic changes lead to impaired cell behaviors such as irregular cell morphology changes, or abnormal proliferation. Therefore, we should always keep a sharp eye on culture conditions for long-term cell studies. In this aspect, nothing beats a real incubator at being an incubator.

Hand placing Petri HoloLid on 35 mm Petri dish

The HoloMonitor incubator microscope brings live cell imaging to your trusted incubator.

In general, stage top incubators mimic incubator-like conditions to allow long-term live cell studies. However, it is always time-consuming and tricky to optimize all the conditions, especially humidity which must be enhanced to prevent evaporation and as a result to keep the osmolality of the cell culture media. On the contrary to onstage incubators, the incubator microscope HoloMonitor is specifically designed to run 24/7 inside a high humidity incubator without compromising image quality or instrument lifespan. Additionally, you get a much broader and clearer condensation-free area for imaging with our specially designed HoloLids™.

Pipetting with Hololid in 6-well microplate imaging inside incubator microscope

Monitor cells using your standard culture vessels.

Unlike stage top incubators with limited incubation chamber space, the HoloMonitor incubator microscope allows you to monitor your cells at multiple positions using standard culture vessels, from 35 mm Petri dishes to 96-well plates, as well as microslides. Moreover, HoloMonitor has a small footprint and leaves a spacious place inside the incubator. Therefore, you can always use your incubator for both live cell imaging and routine cell culture work.