Study Cell Proliferation With
Quantitative Live Cell Imaging

cells quantitative cell imaging

Reuse cells

to save your time and money

multiple assay quantitative cell imaging

Multiple assays

from one single cell sample

Results quantitative cell imaging

Accurate results

with direct cell count

The HoloMonitor live cell imager viewed from the front

Meet HoloMonitor®

Our Live Cell Imaging Microscope

  • Label-free and high automation
  • More biological relevant and less labor intensive
  • Real time monitoring directly from the incubator
  • Robust system with standard cell culture vessels

Why Quantitative Cell Imaging Over MTT Assay?

M4 sketchLive Cell Imaging

  • Label-free
  • Direct cell count
  • No preparation needed
  • Real-time assay
  • Single cell resolution
  • Quantitative

MTT Assay

  • Cytotoxic
  • Indirect metabolism activity
  • Reagent preparation needed
  • Endpoint assay
  • Only population level data
  • Qualitative

Use your cells for more than proliferation

HoloMonitor M4: A live cell imaging system for cell incubators or hypoxia chambers

HoloMonitor’s cell-friendly nature makes it an ideal tool for viewing and analyzing live cell cultures. All HoloMonitor live cell assays are label-free, which are not only reduce the risk of unwanted toxicity but also allow cell samples to be reused. Hence, HoloMonitor saves your time and money. But foremost, save hard-to-get cells.

Get Multiple data from just one sample

HoloMonitor live cell assays allow multiple results to be created from a single sample.

Achieve Better Cell Proliferation Results

Unlike MTT assay which only gives end-point data, HoloMonitor measures kinetic cellular characteristics at multiple time points in real-time. Hence, you can compare the temporal effects of multiple treatments and/or conditions simultaneously. Moreover, you can re-analyze your results with other HoloMonitor assays to generate more data without setting up new experiments.

Proliferation Data With Quantitative Imaging

  • Real-time growth curves with or without normalization:
    • Cell count (cells/cm2)
    • Confluence (%)
  • Multiwell cell images and time-lapse videos
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The HoloMonitor M4 is a beneficial device for live-cell imaging, providing a lot of data. The good thing is that you can analyze your experiment using one software assay, and later, you can rerun the recorded data in another assay, which allows you to get the maximum from your experiment. I like it and would recommend it to all people doing a cytotoxicity assessment based on cell proliferation and optical thickness of the adherent unstained cells.

Sasa Vasilijic, PhD
Stanford University

Get accurate data with digital holography

Single-cell analysis, measuring the height profile of a single cell.

HoloMonitor uses digital holographic microscopy to collect publication-quality images without any labels. In addition, you receive accurate quantitative data. This way, you can study over 30 cell morphology parameters from a single sample and quantify cell behavior changes on both single-cell and population levels.

Bring Quantative Imaging To Your Incubator

Label-free time-lapse video of cells proliferating over time imaged by HoloMonitor.