Leading Australian Research Institute Purchases HoloMonitor

A first HoloMonitor was recently deployed at QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Brisbane Australia. With the purchase, the institute upgrades its quantitative time-lapse cytometry capacity to also include instrumentation for measuring the behavior of individual cells in a cell population, without requiring the cells to be labeled with toxic chemicals or through genetic manipulation. The customer list price of the delivered HoloMonitor system amounts to €37 500.

HoloMonitor in operation at QIMR Berghofer

“Label-free cytometers based on conven­tional microscopy, marketed by Essen BioScience and others, are limited to measuring the bottom area covered by a cell population. This installation is special in that HoloMonitor expands and refines QIMR Berghofer’s current time-lapse capabilities to include label-free cell population analysis on an individual cell level — a new capability that medical science just has begun to explore”, said Peter Egelberg, CEO and founder of PHI.

QIMR Berghofer is home to more than 900* scientists, students and support staff. It is one of Australia’s most successful medical research institutes. The institute was established in 1945 by the Queensland Government and has a rich history of scientific discoveries and applied medical research.

*According to recent information provided by QIMR

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