BioSpherix Partnership Yields HoloMonitor Customer in Regenerative Medicine

Recently, the EU-funded Centre for Innovative Medicine in Vilnius purchased its first HoloMonitor analyzer for use in the center’s incubator system from BioSpherix.

Regenerative medicine and cell-based therapies promise to cure common but severe diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson’s, and several cancer forms. Cell therapies involve treating patients with a large number of laboratory-cultured cells. However, this new form of treatment requires new cell culture methods that make it possible to grow and analyze cells in a controlled environment.

HoloMonitor live cell imaging system inside BioSpherix Xvivo incubator
HoloMonitor inside an Xvivo incubator system from BioSpherix.

Conventional cell culture practices have essentially remained unchanged over the past 50 years. The old practices expose the cells to an unpredictable laboratory environment, which is unacceptable when cells are cultured for clinical purposes. Jointly, BioSpherix and PHI provide critical components for a hermetically sealed cell laboratory in which cells intended for clinical use can be nurtured and analyzed in a quality-controlled manner.

“Unlike other analyzers on the market, HoloMonitor’s novel approach allows scientists to non-invasively study individual cells on a population level. Together with our cytocentric incubation and cell handling systems, HoloMonitor enables our customers to analyze cellular behavior without exposing the cells to the uncontrolled room air environment of a laboratory.”

Dr. Alicia Henn, Chief Scientific Officer at BioSpherix