PHI HoloMonitor User Meeting

PHI had a successful Holomonitor User Meeting where we discussed how to use HoloMonitor with focus on cancer research. The presentations showed new methods within cancer research and cell biology.

Robert Judson, PhD, UCSF in California, had a presentation about his research in skin cancer and how his team uses HoloMonitor when tracking single cells and cell migration studies.

Professor Anette Gjörloff Wingren talked about her projects within in Glycoimaging.

Zahra El-Schich, postdoc Malmo University, showed how she’s been using HoloMonitor for live cell imaging when monitoring and analyzing when MIP:s (Molecular Imprinting Polymers) are targeting cancer cells.

Lisa Lindstrom, Application Specialist at PHI, demonstrated the new software HoloMonitor AppSuite.

The meeting was  inspiring with interesting discussions.

Let’s hope for more meetings like these – and don’t forget to sign up then!

Thank you all of you who participated in this meeting!

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