PHI improves search engine ranking by enhancing website performance significantly

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Phase Holographic Imaging (PHI) have during the summer dramatically improved the response time of the company’s website According to Google’s benchmarking-tool Lighthoue, the performance of PHI’s web site is now industry-leading, if not world-leading. The continued search engine optimization work is expected to enhance brand awareness and have a direct positive influence on sales.

“To adapt to the rapidly changing business environment brought on by the pandemic, we at PHI have intensified our efforts to enhance our website ranking. The initial optimization results exceeded our expectations by far.”

In the CEO commentary “Probably the fastest website in the world” the company’s website is compared with life science industry and major websites recognized as fast, such as Microsoft, Amazon and Wikipedia. It also describes the background as to why performance is important for search engine ranking and how website perfor­mance can be easily tested by the reader himself.

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