PHI receives 18 MSEK through share options

On June 13, 2019, the exercise period of the TO 2 share options in Phase Holographic Imaging (“PHI”) ended.

632 520 (97.6 %) of the 648 338 outstanding options were exercised. PHI will thus receive approx. 17.8 MSEK before issuing expenses, which are expected to amount to approx. 0.8 MSEK.

Number of shares and share capital

When the new shares have been registered with the Swedish Companies Registration Office, the number of shares in PHI will amount to 14 379 154, corresponding to a share capital of 2 875 830.80 SEK.

Financial advisors

Sedermera Fondkommission are PHI’s finical advisors in conjunction with the TO 2 share option subscription. Markets & Corporate Law are legal advisors.

For information conferencing the share options, please contact:

Sedermera Fondkommission
Telephone: 040-615 14 10

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Skiffervägen 48
224 78 Lund
+46 46 38 60 80

Phase Holographic Imaging PHI Inc.
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Boston, MA 02110
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Securities Identification

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