BioStock: Shift to regenerative medicine increases growth prospects for PHI

With a sharp focus on expanding its market to regenerative medicine, medtech company PHI has a growth trajectory that is on a notable upward trend, marked by its highest-ever sales performances in the last quarter. BioStock talked to the company CEO, Patrik Eschricht, for an operational overview and to learn about the behind-the-scenes developments right now.

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In the coming year, we will deepen our collaborations, extend our HoloMonitor market reach, and solidify our position. Our goal is clear: to establish QPI as a gold standard for cell quality control in regenerative medicine.

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PHI published a detailed perspective discussing the versatility and potential the Company sees for Quantitative Phase Imaging (QPI) technology in Regenerative Medicine. PHI outlines how QPI will offer enhanced cell quality control in the cell manufacturing process, thereby addressing a central puzzle piece for making cell-based therapies safe, affordable, and accessible for all.