PHI expands to Spanish and Portuguese markets through Altium’s new subcontract with Paralab

Phase Holographic Imaging (PHI) is pleased to announce a strategic expansion into the Spanish and Portuguese markets, facilitated by a new subcontract between its global distribution partner, Altium, and Paralab. As PHI’s global distributor partner, Altium has leveraged its autonomy to enhance PHI’s market reach, making HoloMonitor technology close at hand to customers on the Iberian Peninsula.

In November 2023, PHI established a distribution agreement with Altium, empowering them to market and sell PHI’s products within designated territories. This agreement authorizes Altium to utilize its broad distributor network and global sales contacts, actively opening new markets for PHI’s innovative technologies.

Following the agreement, Altium has started to skillfully handle the entire sales process and local customer relations for the HoloMonitor product line. To streamline and improve these efforts, Altium recently appointed Daniel Soor as the dedicated PHI distributor partner manager, significantly enhancing the global reach and sales performance of PHI’s HoloMonitor technology.

Building on these efforts, Altium has now advanced PHI’s market expansion strategies by entering into a distribution agreement with Paralab. In Spain, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors are not only dynamic but also among the most competitive globally, making this move a pivotal development in PHI’s ongoing efforts to expand its international footprint.

PHI’s CEO, Patrik Eschricht, expresses:

We are excited to see HoloMonitor taking a strong market foothold through our collaboration with Altium. Expanding in Spain and Portugal is not merely strategic; it underscores our commitment to advancing global healthcare and research.

About Paralab

Paralab is a company dedicated to the distribution of scientific instrumentation for laboratories and processes. It represents leading manufacturers of instrumentation for chemical, pharmaceutical and mechanical analysis, focusing its activities on instrumentation sales, technical assistance and user training. Its main objective is to satisfy its customers’ needs in terms of quality and service.

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