Images and videos

This is a selection of representative videos and images from various experiments using the HoloMonitor® system. All applications using HoloMonitor are label-free; colors are added in the software.

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HoloMonitor Time-lapse Movies

Etoposide treated DU 145 prostate cancer cells undergoing programmed cell death, apoptosis.  The images were extracted from a 61-hour time-lapse microscopy video using HoloMonitor M4 and Hstudio.

Time-lapse of stem cells grown on microgrid arrays from Microsurfaces, images captured using the HoloMonitor M4.

Giant Mouse Fibro Blast Cell Eats Dying Cell in a L929 Cell Culture. Captured with HoloMonitor M4.

A spheroid interacting with other cells. Cell Line: untreated Glioblastoma U87MG.

Wound healing assay with human breast cancer cells (JIMT-1) closing the gap between them. The video is a time-lapse shot over 46 hours.

HoloMonitor Images

DU-145 cell line

L929 cell line

Live cell imaging: 3D quantitative phase image of Jimt-1 cells

Jimt-1 cell line

Differentiated 3T3 cell


Apoptosis DU-145 cell line

Cell motility L929

Mitosis Pan C

Wound healing Jimt-1

Product Videos

Quantitative & Label-free Live Cell Analysis in your Incubator. Understand Cell Motility and Cell Migration of living cells.

Product Video: HoloMonitor M4

Quantifying over time is crucial for a full under­standing of cell systems. I am convinced that time-lapse cytometry will enable the next level of insight.

Prof Timm Schroeder, ETH Zürich