Microscope objective of HoloMonitor live cell imaging system

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Green, fluorescent cells on a black background.

Fluorescence Capture Protocol

The Fluorescence Capture allows HoloMonitor M4FL to capture fluorescent images for further analysis in other HoloMonitor App Suite assays. Requires App Suite 4.0 or higher.
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Cell Counter Protocol

The HoloMonitor® Cell Counter is designed for automated cell counting of suspended cells.
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Kinetic Cell Proliferation Assay Protocol

The HoloMonitor® Cell Proliferation Assay automatically presents cell count and cell confluence data at user-selected intervals
Live cell imaging webinars, holographic phase image of live cells digitally colored in blue

Kinetic Motility Assay Protocol

The Kinetic Motility Assay is designed to explore cell population motility over time.
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Kinetic Dose-Response Assay Protocol

The HoloMonitor® Kinetic Dose Response Assay automatically analyzes drug responses in adherent cells.

General Capture Assay

The HoloMonitor® General Capture Assay provides time-lapse images for further analysis by any other HoloMonitor® App Suite assays.
Orange L929 cells on a light blue background.

Cell Morphology Assay Protocol

The HoloMonitor® Cell Morphology Assay enables non-invasive live-cell quantification of a wide range of morphological properties.
Black image showing tracked single cells with colored trajectories

Single Cell Tracking Assay Protocol

The HoloMonitor® Single Cell Tracking facilitates label-free characterization of heterogeneous live cell behavior overtime on an individual cell level.
Cell QC

Cell Quality Control Assay Protocol

The HoloMonitor® Cell Quality Control assay can be used to ensure the cell count and/ or confluence, or as a tool to detect undesired cell changes.
Blue cells on black background showing a wound healing scratch, with cells to the left and right.

Wound Healing Assay Protocol

The HoloMonitor® Wound Healing Assay provides an automated label-free wound healing assay, measuring gap closure.
Live cell imaging webinars, holographic phase image of live cells digitally colored in blue

Pre-Study For Kinetic Motility Assay

This protocol shows how to calculate parameters prior to setting up a motility study.
White and grey cells on a black background.

Image Quality Guide

This image guide intends to assist HoloMonitor® M4 users when evaluating image quality during experiment setup and result analysis.

Protocols for App Suite 3.3 and lower