Inside the World of Regenerative Medicine
— About PHI’s Visit to WFIRM

It has been an eventful time for us at PHI. A few weeks ago, we headed to Winston-Salem in North Carolina. There, we visited the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine (WFIRM) and met our amazing partners from the ReMDO project!

Our team had the opportunity to tour the impressive WFIRM facilities. We visited our PHI Winston-Salem office and checked in on the HoloMonitor within the RegeneratORTestBed. There, the HoloMonitor system sits within the cytocentric cell culture system of our collaborator BioSpherix. (Can you spot where in the image below?)

It has been a fantastic collaborative experience, strengthening our network and exchanging ideas together to drive innovation for the future of regenerative medicine!

PHI team Kersti, Håkan, Lisa, Casey, Patrik and Andreas (from left to right) visited the WFIRM facilities.

Recent publication

We at PHI and our alliance for advancing cell-based biomanufacturing with WFIRM, BioSpherix, global analytics company SAS and others have recently published a paper in Frontiers in Medical Technology. The topics are the critical cell and process parameters for cell and tissue products and technologies available in Regenerative Medicine. In particular, we highlighted more about the “what, why and how” of cyctocentric measurement.

WFIRM turns Science Fiction into Reality

Our CEO, Patrik Eschricht, shares his impressions from the WFIRM facility tour

It felt to me like entering the scenes of a captivating science fiction film. The room buzzed with awe-inspiring innovations, like the presence of portable 3D printers capable of generating new skin directly at the patient’s bedside, using their own cells to treat conditions such as burns. And there it was, a unique “gym” dedicated to printed organs, as those organs required to build muscles before transplantation — a true marvel of regenerative medicine.

Patrik eschricht, PHI ceo
CEo commentary Year-end Report 2022/23
A portable 3D printer (device in the front left) capable of generating new skin directly at the patient’s bedside. By using their own cells, conditions such as burns can be treated. Image credit to the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine.

PHI at the World Stem Cell Summit at WFIRM

We at PHI were honored to exhibit at the super eco-ecosystem event in regenerative medicine — the 2023 World Stem Cell Summit and Regenerative Medicine Essentials Course (WSCS/RME). Casey, Kersti and Håkan want to say thank you to everyone who spoke to us and learned more about our live cell analysis tools and non-invasive technology.

At the same time, our CSO Kersti Alm was invited to speak at the Regenerative Medicine Essentials Course. See the full WSCS 2023 speaker lists.

Thank you to everyone who made our PHI trip to Winston-Salem a memorable experience!