The App Suite 4.0 software update: What’s new? And the highlight you’ve all been waiting for!

Exciting times are here for all you amazing HoloMonitor users! Your feedback has driven us to new heights, and we’re thrilled to release the HoloMonitor App Suite 4.0 software update. Besides some bug fixes to make things easier, we’ve introduced numerous enhancements to make your research smoother and more insightful.
However, the highlight you’ve all been waiting for is here — the App Suite integration of fluorescence capture and analysis using the HoloMonitor M4 add-on fluorescence unit.

Holography meets Fluorescence

Study your cells’ fluorescence signal alongside
all the label-free holography data

What’s new in App Suite 4.0?

Analyze your cells’ Fluorescence signal

App Suite now supports fluorescence capture and analysis of the HoloMonitor M4 add-on fluorescence unit. This includes functionality for calibration and setting up experiments for capturing your cells both with holography and fluorescence imaging. In addition to all the label-free holography cell features, you can analyze your cells’ fluorescence signal in Single Cell Tracking and the Cell Morphology Assay.

If you can’t wait to dive into the new fluorescence capabilities through a live demo, don’t hesitate to contact our team!

Experience enhanced Image Analysis in guided assays

Our latest software update brings advanced image analysis features right into the Guided assays, simplifying your experiment analysis.

The software automatically identifies cells from the background in all images, considering thickness, size, and morphology, first separating the cells from the background, splitting adjacent cells, and finally fine-tuning the result.

You can easily adjust cell identification sensitivity with the Sensitivity slider or delve into advanced adjustments with the new sliders for object size and threshold settings. Fine-tune settings for optimal cell identification and ensure accurate results for your experiments.

Explore Chemotaxis with the ibidi µ-slide vessel template

Our latest App Suite update introduces support for the ibidi Chemotaxis µ-Slide, unlocking new possibilities for your research. Using this vessel template in your HoloMonitor experiments, you can conduct precise chemotaxis assays with a wide range of cells, including fast or slow-migrating types, all while imaging directly inside the incubator.

Dive deeper with improved Data Export

App Suite 4.0 presents more data export capabilities. In the Cell Morphology Assay, you’ll find a new CSV export along with the ability to export images, including full frames, individual cells, and mask images. You wished to have your region-specific frame data exported — Done!

Additionally, you can take advantage of 16-bit Tiff plain image exports and experience an improved movie export for effortless sharing of dynamic cell behaviors.

Do you use Hstudio?

Contact us or our local partner today for more information on upgrading from Hstudio to the latest version of App Suite, the current software for the HoloMonitor M4 system.

More new App Suite 4.0 features

Database handling

Wound Healing

Capture setup

Experiments & results

Identify cells

Single cell tracking

Live View

New hardware tool

The Stage Calibration tool has turned into a more general Hardware Tool and has received a new graphical look as well as more sections and functionality for hardware diagnosis, service, and calibration. However, the only functionality relevant and fully accessible to most users is still Stage Calibration.


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