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HoloMonitor® App Suite is a new proprietary software based on biological applications. Using App Suite, you can easily perform live-cell studies on various cellular events. The App Suite software has an intuitive user interface guiding the user through the simple step-by-step workflow, from the set-up of the experiment until the results are presented. HoloMonitor® App Suite is designed for automated and detailed analysis of cell populations. The automated analysis extracts selected cellular parameters that are condensed into quantitative application-specific output parameters.

This software includes all available applications but requires a license key for them to become activated and functional. License keys can be purchased here.

App Suite version: 3.5.1
Required OS: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)
Download size: approx. 450 MB


Release Notes 3.5.1

New functionality

  • In-Depth – Identify cells
    • We have decreased the minimum allow value for Object size to enable segmenting very small cells or large viruses.


Bug fixes

    • Experiment capture: We fixed an issue that could cause the software to crash or the experiment to stall while running an experiment. This bug was introduced in 3.5.0.

Release Notes 3.5.0

New functionality

  • In-Depth – Wound healing
    • The export has been upgraded to the xlsx-format including adding colors, styling and filters to all sheets.
    • Graphs showing ‘Gap width (µm)’ and ‘Coverage area (%)’ has been added both the Wound Healing app and the Excel export.
    • Analysis settings can now be applied to more than one frame at a time.
    • Default vessel pattern is changed to ibidi’s vessel.


  • In-Depth – Cell Morphology
    • A major overhaul of the export has been made, including:
      • Upgrading the export to the xlsx-format including adding colors, styling and filters to all sheets.
      • Adding/removing/re-organizing data to make it more user-friendly.


  • In-Depth – Single Cell Tracking
    • Included/excluded status, color and cell family number of tracked cells is now saved with the analysis.


  • In-Depth – General
    • A slider to improve contrast in the images has been added to the Image view in Cell morphology, Wound healing and Identify Cells.


  • Live View
    • Perspective parameters are added to the Frame view in the Images tab.
    • Image analysis and Include/Exclude changes to any wells/position/frames now apply to all Controls that share the same well(s).


  • Image Viewer
    • We have added controls to only include a subset of frames when exporting video and images.


  • General
    • We have tested and confirmed that App Suite 3.5 is Windows 11 compatible.
    • We have made a major overhaul of how treatment colors are shown in all exports.
    • We have added the possibility to move the stage to the stage removal position from App Suite.

Bug fixes

    • Motility export: Added a fix to avoid x-axes in the graphs sometimes being compressed.
    • In-Depth General: Fixed sorting of Groups, e.g. to make 2 come before 10 etc.
    • Image Capturing: Fixed an issue that happened for some high-end computers that uses a dedicated graphics
      card, where the captured frame had pixels with unnaturally high intensities along the top border.
    • Single cell tracking: Cell family tree graph did not display correctly for computers setup to use a 12-hour time
      setting. This is now fixed.
    • Single cell tracking: Fixed an error during export which made the export fail when more than 400 cell families
      was exported.
    • Experiment summary: Fixed an issue that made the experiment storage size sometimes show a too large value.

Release Notes 3.4.0

New functionality

  • The new Single Cell Tracking

Minor bug fixes & features

  • Image viewers:
    • Zoom in/out/reset and colour tool are now always visible.
  • Capture setup / Live View:
    • Minor layout update including making focus slider handle larger.
    • Changed description of Reposition button.
  • In-Depth -> Identify cells:
    • GUI update in In-Depth -> Identify cells to match the identify functionality in the new Single Cell Tracking tool.
  • Cell QC / Cell Count:
    • Moved vessel map to under table in Cell QC.
    • Added explanation to histograms in Cell QC and Cell Count how they are calculated.
    • Flipped columns in Cell QC and Cell Count export to make it consistent with the software.
    • Cell QC and Cell Count data (table, vessel and histograms) are now coloured according to treatment colour.
  • Developer mode:
    • Extended the software focus range to 0-2600 (from 300-2300).
    • Guided assays: Edit experiment time & duration.
  • Exports:
    • Changed colours to mean and std. dev. columns in Proliferation export.
  • Miscellaneous:
    • Minor GUI update here and there.
    • Fixed crash when saving colour-sets.

Release Notes 3.3.0

New functionality

  • Option to copy the image analysis settings from an old result without being restricted to treatment or dose-response results.
  • Added a cleaning guide in the hardware menu.
  • Added a laser calibration wizard in the hardware menu.
  • Added a “Reposition” button to the positions list in capture setup, that moves the selected position to the current camera position.

Release Notes 3.2.0

New functionality

  • Option to copy image analysis settings from another result in the same experiment when creating a new one.

Bug fixes

  • Image analysis page: Fixed an issue where applied changes sometimes did not save correctly.

Release Notes 3.1.0

New functionality

  • Dose-response Analysis: Graph colors now correspond to conditions and dose colors.
  • Motility and Proliferation Analysis: Graph colors now correspond to treatment colors.
  • General:
    • More responsive graphs when dealing with large datasets.
    • Updated and consistent look & feel on all graphs.
  • Image Analysis: Added ‘Selection’ as an option to copy sensitivity value to.
  • M4 Hardware tool: Adjusted automatic XY stage calibration.

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