HoloMonitor App Suite Software

HoloMonitor® App Suite is a new proprietary software based on biological applications. Using App Suite you can easily perform live cell studies on various cellular events. The App Suite software has an intuitive user interface guiding the user through the simple step-by-step workflow, from set-up of the experiment until the results are presented. HoloMonitor® App Suite is designed for automated and detailed analysis of cell populations. The automated analysis extracts selected cellular parameters that are condensed into quantitative application-specific output parameters.

This software includes all available applications, but requires a license key in order for them to become activated and functional. License keys can be purchased here.

App Suite version: 3.3.0
Required OS: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)
Download size: approx. 400 MB


Release Notes 3.3.0

New functionality

  • Option to copy the image analysis settings from an old result without being restricted to treatment- or dose response-results.
  • Added a cleaning guide in the hardware menu.
  • Added a laser calibration wizard in the hardware menu.
  • Added a “Reposition” button to the positions list in capture setup, that moves the selected position to the current camera position.

Release Notes 3.2.0

New functionality

  • Option to copy image analysis settings from another result in the same experiment when creating a new one.

Bug fixes

  • Image analysis page: Fixed an issue where applied changes sometimes did not save correctly.

Release Notes 3.1.0

New functionality

  • Dose Response Analysis: Graph colors now correspond to conditions & doses colors.
  • Motility and Proliferation Analysis: Graph colors now correspond to treatment colors.
  • General:
    • More responsive graphs when dealing with large datasets.
    • Updated and consistent look & feel on all graphs.
  • Image Analysis: Added ‘Selection’ as an option to copy sensitivity value to.
  • M4 Hardware tool: Adjusted automatic XY stage calibration.

Release Notes 3.0.0

Major changes

  • New In-depth Analysis options have been added to App Suite:
    • Single Cell tracking
    • Cell Morphology
    • Wound Healing
  • Former Hstudio analysis software is now a part of App Suite as the In-Depth functionality group.
  • A General Capture application is added for flexible image capture without a predetermined analysis.


  • Generated experiments are now opened as separate views with analysis results available as pages within those views.
  • A dedicated image viewer is available for browsing experiment images with options to export movies and images.
  • Color sets can be used in the various image viewers and the user can create own color sets
  • Possibility to select any time point when creating a Cell Quality Control result from a kinetic experiment.
  • New vessel maps with culture inserts for the Wound Healing Assay.
  • Possibility to configure refractive indices at capture setup
  • Motorized stage can be controlled with more detail if needed during capture setup and in Live View.
  • A delay can be set before start of capture