Nature publishes new HoloMonitor article, PHI achieves 50 publications

Researchers at Chinese Academy of Sciences have used HoloMonitor®technology from PHI to investigate cell behavior when Earth’s magnetic field is eliminated. The findings were recently published in Scientific Reports – an online journal published by Nature Publishing Group. According to the researchers, the findings suggest that magnetic field elimination may be used to prevent tumor progression in future clinical applications. The findings also provide clues to which health risks astronauts are exposed to during deep space explorations, where no magnetic field is present.

“This is the second article published by the most prestigious scientific publisher, Nature Publishing Group. The article, together with a recent article by researchers at Linköping University, means that over 50 scientific publications now have been published, in which our HoloMonitor technology plays a significant role”, said CEO Peter Egelberg.


Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) is China’s national academy for the natural sciences. With its staff of 49 000 researchers CAS has research programs in all areas of natural science. CAS manages the majority of China’s large scale science facilities and China’s scientific space program. Nature Publishing Group ranks CAS as the most productive research organization in the world with over 3 000 scientific articles published in 2014.