One Sample + HoloMonitor = Multiple Results

With the advanced ability to re-analyze your live-cell data from a single experiment setup, HoloMonitor software adds flexibility to research — explore any previous results for additional insights whenever, wherever!

Re-analysis provides additional insights

Tobias Priemer

With the latest App Suite 3.3.0 software update, we have added more functionalities in performing data re-analysis. This adds flexibility to the experiment workflow of HoloMonitor users, as they can come back to their experiment data at a later point, work from home outside the lab, and gain additional insights when re-analyzing results with other HoloMonitor assays.

Tobias Priemer
PHI Software Engineer

Hey App Suite users: download the latest software update here

How do you re-analyze your results? Check out the App Suite manual

One sample, multiple results

By reanalyzing recorded time-lapse data using the HoloMonitor live cell imaging applications, multiple results are obtained from a single cell culture sample.

From within the cell incubator, HoloMonitor records multiple time-lapse image sequences of a cell culture sample. By letting several HoloMonitor App Suite applications analyze the stored image sequences, you can obtain a multitude of results from a single sample — saving you precious cells, hands-on time in the lab and money for consumables!

The data analysis can be done anywhere on a standard laptop, which has access to the HoloMonitor database, so you can explore your results in the lab, on the go or at home.

Live cell data from previously captured experiments can be re-analyzed with not only the setup assay, but also with the other available assays in the App Suite live cell assay collection.

Studying cells without a cell lab?

More flexibility in hands-on lab work and data analysis is something the world’s researchers are looking for to adapt to the changing research environment in the eye of the covid-19 pandemic.
Being able to re-analyze your data with App Suite, let’s you take your data analysis anywhere, anytime — swapping the lab bench with your living room.

The labs were still closed, and no additional experiments could be performed. Thus, the solutions had to come from our respective home offices. And here, the HoloMonitor’s built-in software solution showed its strength with a variety of applications and gave me the opportunity to re-analyze previous image material from home. New discoveries were made that strengthened our previous results.

Monica Hellesvik, Arnesen Lab, University of Bergen
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