BioStock: PHI grows its network of collaborations

Phase Holographic Imaging has entered into a partnership with the University College London, the first partnership in a hospital setting to explore the clinical applications of its technology. In the last few days, PHI also announced two new sales partnerships between its global distribution partner Altium and Kem-En-Tech for the whole Nordic market and Paralab in Spain and Portugal. BioStock caught up with PHI’s CEO to ask about his outlook for the growing number of academic collaborations and sales partnerships.

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Our partnerships with leading global research institutions are crucial to match our product development with the needs of the expansive clinical market and the rapidly evolving field of regenerative medicine.

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PHI is actively expanding its global reach within its current core markets, such as North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, while also exploring new territories. At the heart of this strategic expansion is the partnership with Altium, a major investor and global distributor of PHI with established sales channels and distribution networks. This collaboration enables PHI to focus on its core expertise and innovation capabilities—advancing QPI technology and product development within regenerative medicine.