Webinar — Discover Cell Shapes

How to monitor and quantify cell morphology

Spheroids, ellipsoids, cuboids and stars! No, that’s not geometrical shapes for your geometry class, those are the shapes of your cells!

At PHI we love all shapes and sizes of cells because it tells the story about your cells health, life cycle stages or treatment effects and mode of action. For example, in cell population special individual cells (spies?) can hide, which in turn would behave differently compared to others and quietly influence treatment effects.

Do you want to know more?

Join PHI’s Head of Biology, Kersti Alm, when she highlights the great potential of quantifying cell morphology, for both single-cell and cell populations.

Learn more about:

  • Cell Morphology
  • How to describe and quantify it
  • How it can be connected to different aspects of everyday cell life