User Spotlight — Frida Berlin

You can watch Frida’s talk on our PHI YouTube channel.

In the spotlight today: Frida Berlin

Frida is a Ph.D. Student in the Respiratory Cell Biology group at Lund University, Sweden. Her Ph.D. project focuses on the role of mast cells in respiratory diseases and the implications of mast cell mediators on structural cells, such as the bronchial and alveolar epithelium.

She primarily uses HoloMonitor® for studying cell behaviors, such as migration, morphology and cell growth, of structural cells which have been stimulated with mast cell mediators.

In this webinar, Frida will:

  • Introduce mast cells and their granula & mast cells in disease
  • Share her research aim, methodology and experimental setup
  • Show her latest published and preliminary HoloMonitor data on cell growth, cell division, cell morphology, single-cell migration, and wound healing


Berlin et al. (2021) Mast Cell Proteases Tryptase and Chymase Induce Migratory and Morphological Alterations in Bronchial Epithelial Cells, Int. J. Mol. Sci., 22(10), 5250,

Mogren et al. (2021) Mast cell tryptase enhances wound healing by promoting migration in human bronchial epithelial cells, Cell Adhesion & Migration, 15:1, 202-214,

The HoloMonitor live cell imager viewed from the front

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Frida shows more HoloMonitor time-lapse videos during her talk — see for yourself!

List of questions that Frida answers in the webinar Q&A:

  • Have you worked with other types of structural cells?
  • You showed that your epithelial cells are migrating. Do you know the reason for this cell behavior?
  • How long have you been using the HoloMonitor system, and what do you like about it?
  • What is your experience in calibrating the system using the software?
  • Why did you choose to look at the specific three out of the 30 available morphological cell features?
  • Which culture vessels have you used with the HoloMonitor? And are the materials of the plates or potential gels and coatings influencing the observations?
  • How will you use HoloMonitor for your planned toxicology studies?

Enjoy watching!

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