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How I set up microfluidic assays to gain the most information from a single experiment

About this event

Cardiovascular research thrives on identifying new ways to treat cardiovascular diseases with the end goal of bringing new and effective medicines to patients.

So does Markus Bosteen, Senior Scientist at the Department of Vascular Biology at Novo Nordisk, who focuses his research on endothelial responses to various types of flow. His aim is to better understand how pathological flow patterns can affect the progression of atherosclerosis – a severe cardiovascular disease affecting many diabetes patients in the world.

Atherosclerosis affects the inner lining of arteries to thicken by a build-up of plaque,
therefore potentially fatally restricting and blocking the blood flow.

Markus shares many HoloMonitor time-lapse videos during his presentation — see for yourself!

In this webinar, Markus Bosteen will show you how he maximizes the amount of information gained from a single flow experiment!

For this, he will describe his customized setup combining the ibidi flow system together with both Electrical Cell-Substrate Impedance Sensing (ECIS) as well as real-time holographic imaging with the HoloMonitor® system.

In addition, you will have the chance to hear more about the products utilized in this flow experiment setup at the end of the presentation.

Topics of this webinar:

About the speakers

Markus Bosteen, Senior Scientist at the Department of Vascular Biology at Novo Nordisk is the main speaker for this event.

Markus Bosteen, Novo Nordisk

” I studied Molecular Biomedicine and graduated from the University of Copenhagen in 2011.

First, I got into vascular research during my bachelor’s and continued this research focus throughout my master’s program and also later during my Ph.D. (degree obtained in 2016 from the University of Copenhagen) focusing on endothelial function during inflammation, angiogenesis, and mouse models of atherosclerosis.

Later on, I worked extensively with cell-based assay and immunoassay development and validation as a Scientist and Research Scientist at both AGC Biologics, Bio Porto Diagnostics, and Ferring Pharmaceuticals.

Since 2021, I am a Senior Scientist at Novo Nordisk dept. of Vascular biology.”

wound healing assay webinar speaker peggy benisch

Peggy Benisch, Head of Sales at ibidi, will briefly share key information about the ibidi flow system for successful microfluidic assay setups in your lab. Learn more about your options to simulate various physiological conditions in blood vessels by combining the ibidi Pump System with different channel slides.

Lisa Bodily, Communication Manager at PHI, will summarize the take-home information on the HoloMonitor® live-cell analysis system. Learn about further applications and how the technology provides researchers with non-invasive and quantitative real-time data on their cell cultures down to a single-cell level.

Enjoy watching!

Markus Bosteen & Your PHI & ibidi webinar team

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