Webinar Series — Relevant Conditions Relevant Answers

The Secrets to Truly Controlled Cell Experiments in Cancer Research

Together with like-minded technology companies Scientific Bioprocessing and BioSpherix, Ltd., we reveal our secrets to truly controlled cell experiments in this three-part webinar series:

Part 1 | Cancer Research

Find answers to why we must design relevant assay conditions in cancer research, how HoloMonitor provides better insights by analyzing both single cells and cell populations, and combining proliferation, morphology and movement data.

Part 2 | Stem Cell Research

Learn more about why non-invasive live cell imaging is perfect for stem cell research, why a stable stem cell micro-environment is key for relevant results and how to use morphology analysis and single cell tracking for stem cell differentiation studies.

Part 3 | In Vitro Drug Development

Learn how you can design relevant cell culture conditions for in vitro drug development, how HoloMonitor fits easily into a cell lab workflow and learn more about the HoloMonitor Drug Response Assay.

In a well-controlled experiment, there is one dependent variable to observe and a variety of independent variables to control. With the right technologies, we can do this with cells in-vitro.

Join us for our webinar series on technologies that reduce artifact, increase reproducibility, and increase translatability of in-vitro findings – for a world that is looking to cell-based science for the right answers – right now!

Who are the speakers?

Phase Holographic Imaging (PHI)
provides a non-invasive tool that lets you continuously image and quantitatively analyze both single and populations of cells directly inside your incubator without any labels or stains.

Scientific Bioprocessing
SBI’s real-time pH and dissolved oxygen sensors monitor pericellular conditions with tiny sensors as small as 3 mm in diameter. Sensor feedback can be used to control agitation so that cultures can reach desired dissolved oxygen levels with the ID·Rocker instrument.

BioSpherix, Ltd.
designs and builds Cytocentric equipment for academic research, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology laboratories around the world. Our equipment uniquely supports the needs of cells for constant physiologic conditions, increasing reproducibility for cell-based sciences and therapies.