Webinar — Understand your cells’ individuality

How label-free Single Cell Tracking reveals unique cell behavior

New technologies are transforming today’s cell research, and label-free single cell tracking (SCT) is one of them.

Join our PHI Product Specialist, Lisa Lindström, showing you the potential of tracking cells over time in various research areas, discussing the challenges of traditional methods — end-point assays and fluorescence microscopy — and taking you through how label-free and automatic HoloMonitor® Single Cell Tracking makes for an easy-to-use assay for any cell research lab.

You will learn how this HoloMonitor assay facilitates long-term imaging and tracking of adherent cells, allowing label-free characterization of heterogeneous cell behavior on a single cell level. By highlighting real-life user examples from publications with HoloMonitor, you will find out how to spot outliers and sub-populations in your cell culture and how to discover unique cell behavior across kinetic growth, movement, and morphology data.

Learn about:

  • How you can follow cells over time with live cell imaging and SCT
  • What research areas & applications SCT is already used for today
  • Why conventional assays & methods are not enough anymore
  • A swift technology fly-trough: label-free Digital Holographic Microscopy vs. phase contrast
  • Benefits, Workflow & Output of the NEW automatic HoloMonitor Single Cell Tracking Assay

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