PHI Live Cell Imaging Webinars

The new default way of meeting customers — an online seminar, explaining the benefits of HoloMonitor.

Watch our collection of webinars on live cell imaging and analysis! You are welcome to attend live and ask all your questions in Q&A, or view on-demand whenever it suits you.

You can study your cells in real-time with our HoloMonitor® system and in the meantime, you could grab some fika (a Swedish tradition for a delightful coffee break) and enjoy our PHI webinars. Varsågod! (You are welcome!)


HoloMonitor User Spotlight

Dr. Robert Judson-Torres, Assistant Professor at Huntsman Cancer Institute, University of Utah, will speak about how HoloMonitor data has been key in his recent work, eLife (2021);10:e70385.

  • Hear directly from current users within multiple research areas and applications about how quantitative live cell imaging data is useful to them
  • Let your peers bring their research into the light by presenting their latest data obtained with the HoloMonitor live cell analysis system


HoloMonitor User Spotlight

Frida Berlin, a Ph.D. student at Lund University talks about the effect of mast cell mediators on cell behavior in respiratory disease — and the role of HoloMonitor in her research.


Keep Your Flow!
– How I set up microfluidic assays to gain the most information from a single experiment

In this joint webinar, Senior Scientist Markus Bosteen is:

  • Introducing the topic of arterial blood flow and flow sensing by endothelial cells
  • Presenting many data examples of endothelial response to flow
  • Showing his experiment setup combining the ibidi Pump System and μ-Slides with the non-invasive HoloMonitor live cell analysis system

Can’t wait for the next webinar?
Enjoy watching our previous ones, and don’t forget your fika!

The Webinars

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