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Blue cells on white background showing a closing cell gap of a wound healing assay

Interim Report 3 2023/24

This quarter set new records for PHI, achieving our highest-ever sales and advancing our strategic initiatives significantly. The strengthening of our partnership with Altium and the expanding reach of QPI technology highlights our leading position in the field. This quarter truly shows our continuous progress toward our core mission: making cell-based therapies accessible, affordable, and safe for all.
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Orange L929 cells on a light blue background.

Interim Report 2 2023/24

The autumn quarter marked a strategic shift in our sales organization, representing a significant move for PHI but affecting our Q2 sales. It allows us to sharpen our focus on what we do best: innovation and product development, particularly toward regenerative medicine applications.
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Green fluorescent cells on a black background.

Interim Report 1 2023/24

During this past summer quarter, we made it our most prosperous Q1 quarter to date, characterized by sustained growth.
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Well A2-1 2

Interim Report 4 2022/23

Sales continue to grow, and the year ended up with the highest turnover for a year in PHI, so far.
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Banner image showing gloved hand holding a cell flask.

Interim Report 3 2022/23

Sales have continued to grow, with significantly higher cost efficiency. As a result, rolling 12-month sales gained to its highest level ever.
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Serious concentrated female microbiologist in sterile clothing and safety goggles sitting at table and dropping reagent in petri dish while doing research in laboratory

Interim Report 2 2022/23

The online sales and lead generation strategy continues to deliver. As a result, sales from August to October this year reached 2.7 KSEK — an increase of 50 % compared to any previous corresponding period.
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Technician checking stem cell culture

Interim Report 1 2022/23

Despite a summer-sluggish period ending in July, sales were just one unit away from surpassing our best quarter ever; the same period last year.
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