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    Partner with Stem Cell Company

    Phase Holographic Imaging (PHI) and Israeli Biological Industries (BI) have initiated a strategic collaboration. BI is a well-established and recognized supplier of stem cell technology. In a first step BI will represent PHI on the Israeli market. “We develop, manufacture and supply life science products to universities, government research and healthcare institutions and to the …

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    HoloMonitor M4 successfully used in toxicity study

    The Research Institute of Technical Physics and Materials Science in Budapest has recently published a scientific article describing a study of the health effects of the well-known, widely used herbicide Roundup. In the study, the HoloMonitor M4 was used to assess toxic effects to animal cells after exposure to Roundup. “New European Union legislation requires …

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    Follow-up orders from Eastern Europe

    Phase Holographic Imaging’s (PHI) Eastern Europe distributor, BioTech-Europe, has placed a follow-up order of two HoloMonitor M4 instruments. The ordered instruments replace the evaluation units that were previously sold to the cell therapy company Aztar and to the Tissue Engineering Laboratory at the Medical University of Warsaw, subsequent to careful evaluations. “We are very pleased …

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    Achieves first customer sales in the United States

    The Department of Cell Biology and Human Anatomy at University of California, Davis, has purchased a HoloMonitor M4 after a successful evaluation period. PHI’s US distributor, Bulldog Bio, has placed a number of HoloMonitor M4 instruments which currently are being evaluated by US customers. “We are very pleased that our groundwork with key opinion leaders …

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    Collaboration agreement with stem cell researchers at ETH Zurich

    PHI announces the signing of a collaboration agreement with the Cell Systems Dynamics Group at ETH Zurich. The group, headed by Professor Timm Schroeder, is a leading authority in stem cell time-lapse imaging and will advise PHI in the development of the next generation of time-lapse cytometers. Professor Timm Schroeder at one of his microscopes. …

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    Collaboration agreement with Korean research institute

    PHI announces the signing of a collaboration agree­ment with Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology (KRIBB). KRIBB is Korea’s only governmental research institute dedicated to research across a broad span of biotechnology research areas. “We are of course pleased to have estab­lished a col­labora­tion with an opinion leader like KRIBB. This is very helpful …

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