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    Northeastern University and PHI expand collaboration to establish a Regional Holographic Imaging Cytometry Program of Excellence

    Northeastern University and Phase Holo­graphic Imaging today announced a collaboration agreement. The new agreement extends the ongoing PHI’s HoloMonitor® technology evaluation program at Northeastern to create a Holographic Imaging Cytometry Program of Excellence – an application development hub and educational resource providing training programs for scientists using time-lapse cytometry and to foster cross-disciplinary collaborations. PHI’s HoloMonitor …

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    Proposed Board of PHI – Mats Lundwall, former CEO of leading stem cell company nominated

    At the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting in Phase Holographic Imaging AB on October 6, Mats Lundwall will be nominated as new Board member. Klas Cramborn (chairman), Bengt Falk, Jan Richardsson and Leland Foster will be proposed for reelection as ordinary Board members and Ann-Christine Egelberg as Deputy Board member. Ulf Avrin and Marcus Skärbäck, both resigning …

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    Researchers propose PHI’s technology to assess reduction in cancer cell growth

    PHI’s HoloMonitor® technology allows cancer researchers to effortlessly monitor the reduction in cancer cell growth in real-time without disturbing or destroying precious patient samples. Unlike cytotoxic cancer drugs, cytostatic drugs do not kill cancer cells. Instead they stop tumor growth by stopping cancer cells from multiplying. As a result cytostatic treatments have fewer side effects than …

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    Collaboration Agreement with Northeastern University

    Phase Holographic Imaging (PHI) today announces a collaboration agreement with Northeastern University of Boston. PHI will provide Northeastern with HoloMonitor® technology for the purpose of establishing novel cell analysis applications and techniques based on PHI’s non-invasive time-lapse imaging cytometry technology. Northeastern and PHI anticipate extending the program to create a regional center of excellence — an …

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    Raises capital to establish Center of Excellence in the US

    As communicated in 2013/2014 Year-End Report, Phase Holographic Imaging (PHI) has successfully reached the milestones of the initial funding period. PHI has therefore initiated the planned second funding round by securing 3 MSEK from investors and ALMI. These funds allow PHI to immediately progress towards the milestones of the second funding period, including the establishment …

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    PHI reaches milestone

    PHI has signed a collaboration agreement with the University of Pittsburgh. This agreement makes the fourth with key opinion leaders at leading research institutions and completes the first milestone described in PHI’s offering memorandum. The collaboration agreement was signed after the research group lead by Professor Jay Kolls evaluated the HoloMonitor® M4 and made important, previously …

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