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HoloMonitor - A cell culture incubator microscope directly inside your incubator

Meet HoloMonitor®

We at Phase Holographic Imaging provide an innovative live cell analysis tool that lets you image and monitor your cells directly in your incubator.

Our HoloMonitor® is a compact live cell imaging system that runs 24/7 inside your standard incubator. Without any labels or stains, it monitors your cell cultures in real time using cell-friendly QPI technology.
You receive accurate, quantitative live-cell morphology, migration, and proliferation data, as well as multi-well videos down to a single-cell level.

Low-power laser. Powerful live cell data.

Have you tried label-free QPI?
— Quantitative Phase Imaging

Indeed, there is no need to label or stain your living cells to visualize and quantify them. Using QPI won’t harm or influence your precious cell cultures, allowing you to monitor and analyze them undisturbed over a long period of time.

Why HoloMonitor?

Six of many reasons why researchers choose HoloMonitor for their research

Image live cells right in your incubator

HoloMonitor is compact and has a small footprint. It is designed to operate 24/7, directly inside your standard incubator. You continuously monitor your cells in their natural environment and under stable and physiologically relevant conditions, ensuring that you don’t miss any important cellular events in your culture.

Trust in cell-friendly technology

HoloMonitor is based on digital holography, a QPI technology that quantitatively images your cells with nothing but low-energy light. You don’t need any additives to the media or labels to visualize your cells so that you can avoid the known interference of cellular markers and achieve biologically relevant results.

Get quantitative data on single-cell level

HoloMonitor’s App Suite software digitally reconstructs your cells in 3D, immediately providing you with quantitative information about each cell. More than 30+ different morphological parameters, such as cell area, thickness and volume, are calculated automatically. Of course, all data can be compiled, analyzed, and exported at the population level.

Versatile applications at your fingertips

HoloMonitor provides immediate real-time data and image sequences, allowing you to monitor your cells’ dynamic behavior closely. Ideal for applications in cancer research, stem cell studies, and cytotoxicity assessments for drug development, the software offers detailed single-cell and population insights. You obtain not only visual data in the form of high-quality images and time-lapse videos but also critical live-cell measurements of cell morphology, migration, motility, proliferation, differentiation and cell death.

Relax with intuitive, automated software

The HoloMonitor system has been developed for and by biologists with user-friendliness in mind. Click your cell culture vessel onto the motorized stage, and let the easy-to-use software guide you from the 1-2-3 imaging setup to an automated and comprehensive data analysis and presentation.

Save time, money, and cells

HoloMonitor runs with standard cell culture vessels, guides you through a uniform experimental setup and later automatically runs the imaging. You can reanalyze your imaging data in multiple ways, generating several relevant results from the same sample. This saves you valuable hands-on lab time, money and cells.

Markus Bosteen Novo Nordisk

Best microscope I’ve tried so far—worth every penny!

Markus Bosteen
Senior Scientist, Novo Nordisk, Copenhagen

Small footprint. Big insights.

Gain relevant results with cell-friendly imaging and automated software

Scientists thrive on data—it’s at the heart of every discovery. Imagine being able to observe your cultures in a way that’s both cell-friendly and reproducible while also gathering a wealth of relevant data on each cell, for example, on cell morphology, migration, motility, proliferation, and cell death.

The HoloMonitor system supports our research by enabling detailed, non-invasive, and real-time monitoring of cell behaviors, which has been crucial for advancing our understanding of the cellular effects of potential anticancer compounds and the fundamental differences between normal and cancerous breast cells.

Dr. Besa Xhabija
Assistant Professor, University of Michigan-Dearborn, USA

Which application fits you best?

HoloMonitor is a versatile cell analysis tool with a global user community

Are you looking to track cancer cell motility or single-cell migration, monitor stem cell proliferation and growth, or assess cytotoxic responses to various drug treatments? Perhaps you’re studying co-cultures, conducting chemotaxis assays, evaluating cell culture quality, or analyzing cellular responses to flow.
What could HoloMonitor do for your studies?

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