Abstract image of speed
Probably, the fastest website in the world
The page you now are reading probably appeared faster on your screen than any other web page you have read.
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SARS-CoV-2 virus
Bridging Corona
As the dust from the stampede of bewildered politicians and overconfident billionaires settles, we begin to discern the new world shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Women working in a cell laboratory
Joining forces with Huntsman
PHI recently joined forces with the Huntsman Cancer Institute in the battle against cancer. Using PHI's HoloMonitor technology, the researchers at Huntsman aim to develop methods quantifying the phenomena known as epithelial–mesenchymal transition (EMT).
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Single-cell analysis using supercomputers
The Single-Cell Analysis Revolution
Single-cell analysis aided by supercomputing and artificial intelligence is set to revolutionize biomedical research over the next decade.
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NIA Banner
National Institutes of Health Purchase HoloMonitor
Using HoloMonitor’s unique capability to non-invasively image and quantify cellular behavior over long time periods, scientists at the National Institute of Aging aim to understand how the heart’s “brain cells” contribute to aging.
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BRAF Mutation
Understanding skin cancer
Using HoloMonitor and the latest gene editing techniques, scientists at University of California, San Francisco have uncovered the mechanisms leading to invasive melanoma.
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Redefining Aging With HoloMonitor
By studying a primitive form of bacteria researchers at Queensland University of Technology in Australia have developed a new drug that has the potential to dramatically slow the aging process. Using HoloMonitor the researchers could see how old and damaged cells became young again. The promising results were recently reported by Australian television.
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The Scientific Role of Commercialization
To transform an invention to a product that can be purchased by any scientist is the often unappreciated but crucial role of commercializing enterprises. This was the underlying theme of my presentation at SPIE 2018, “The evolution of Phase Holographic Imaging from a research idea to publicly traded company”.
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Leap of Understanding
The special issue and the increasing number of scientific publications by HoloMonitor customers, and others, leave no room for doubt. Label-free time-lapse cytometry has begun to fulfill its promise to medical science — a leap of understanding.
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Scale Matters
Metastases are believed to originate from a rare type of tumor cells known as cancer stem cells. A combined tool for identifying and studying rare cells would provide cancer researchers with new information to better under­stand the nature of cancer stem cells, and hopefully allow them to develop treatments against these rare and deadly cells.
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