The HoloMonitor App Suite live cell imaging and analysis software intuitively guides the user through experiment setup, image acquisition and data analysis.

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  • cell image competition with jellagen blog

    Cell image competition by Jellagen and PHI

    Showcase the beauty of your research in our cell image competition together with Jellagen.

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  • HoloMonitor M4 product listing page on select science

    Select Science features HoloMonitor®

    HoloMonitor® is now listed on Select Science! You can read first-hand what fellow scientists say about it, and write a review yourself!

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  • Coffeebreak-blog_feature-image

    The best coffee break ever!

    We finished our summer special event, “coffee break with PHI,” with great success. Thank you all for attending and for the inspiring discussion.

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  • Live cell imaging Q&A with PHI AB

    Summer Special: Coffee Break with PHI

    Every Thursday in July and August, our application experts will host a 30-minute Q&A coffee break. Join us now!

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  • World Stem Cell Summit logotype with cell background

    2021 WSCS – A remarkable event

    One click to bring you back to the 2021 World Stem Cell Summit and Regenerative Medicine Essentials Course (WSCS). Watch our inspiring and educational talk about how HoloMonitor®, as an innovative technology, can facilitate stem cell-based regenerative medicine research.

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  • Single Cell Tracking Assay banner

    Succeed in tracking your cells

    We at PHI are always happy to hear from you, our customers, and receive feedback and suggestions on improving your HoloMonitor® experience. Therefore, we are excited to say that we have focused on realizing many of your suggestions with the latest software update, resulting in a new and advanced Single Cell Tracking analysis.

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