The HoloMonitor App Suite live cell imaging and analysis software intuitively guides the user through experiment setup, image acquisition and data analysis.

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BIOSpektrum application article highlights HoloMonitor technology (in German)

PHI’s CSO, Kersti Alm, and Head of Communication, Lisa Bodily, have recently contributed to the June 2023 issue of the German BIOSpektrum journal. Their application article sheds light on how HoloMonitor’s technology is applied for non-invasive live cell analysis.
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PHI most innovative MedTech Company Scandinavia 2023

PHI is the most innovative MedTech Company in Scandinavia in 2023

We at PHI are humbled that the Global Health & Pharma Magazine has awarded us as the most innovative MedTech Company in Scandinavia in 2023!
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Cytocentric measurement for regenerative medicine

PHI, together with our alliance for advancing cell-based biomanufacturing with Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, BioSpherix, global analytics company SAS and others, has recently published a paper in Frontiers in Medical Technology about the critical cell and process parameters for cell and tissue products as well as technologies available in Regenerative Medicine. Here we highlighted more about the “what, why and how” of cyctocentric measurement.
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CERN seminar: The Promise of Regenerative Medicine and AI

During this seminar, Peter Egelberg, Founder of PHI, will present the work carried out by PHI in the development of time-lapse cytometry instrumentation and software.
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Technological developments in the rapidly evolving field of live-cell microscopy

Discover more about the developments in live-cell microscopy and how the HoloMonitor® technology is a gentle time-lapse imaging method for non-invasive, long-term and quantitative analysis of living cells.
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The Scientist

The Scientist: Observing Cells in Their Natural State with Digital Holographic Cytometry

New blog article: Head over to The Scientist to read about observing cells in their natural state with digital holographic cytometry.
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