The HoloMonitor App Suite live cell imaging and analysis software intuitively guides the user through experiment setup, image acquisition and data analysis.

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The HoloMonitor live cell imaging system operating inside a standard cell incubator at the SmiLe life science business incubator in Lund, Sweden.

HoloMonitor in an incubator of an incubator makes people SmiLe

Our collaboration with SmiLe incubator in Lund, provides researchers in local life science companies with PHIs non-destructive live cell imaging & analysis tool – making for happy cells and smiley faces 🙂
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A LABSTOP day to refuel and meet HoloMonitor

We had a great day at SmiLe Incubator #LABSTOP where the SmiLe community used the opportunity to try hands-on our HoloMonitor Live Cell Imaging & Analysis system!
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Queensland University of Technology building

HoloMonitor down-under – Freya & Olaf advance QUT research

Freya and Olaf – two HoloMonitor systems – are expanding Queensland University of Technology’s Live Cell Imaging capabilities.
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USA, Håkan is calling – pick up!

With the opening of the U.S. subsidiary we continue our global expansion. Greetings from Håkan Rosvall, Head of PHI Inc.!
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The HoloMonitor way, saving time, money and cells

HoloMonitor saves your time, money – and cells

HoloMonitor® enables real-time label-free and quantitative studies of adherent cells directly in the cell incubator. Compared to standard methods the HoloMonitor approach saves both time, money and valuable cells for further experiments.
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Growing & Analyzing Cells at their Best

BioSpherix and Phase Holographic Imaging (PHI) have teamed up to support researchers in their ambition to grow and analyze cells in a cell-friendly environment, without cell disturbing factors like labels, stains and temperature fluctuations.
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