The HoloMonitor App Suite live cell imaging and analysis software intuitively guides the user through experiment setup, image acquisition and data analysis.

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  • QUT_scientists_HoloMonitor_Twitter

    We believe we’ve found the Holy Grail

    We believe we’ve found the Holy Grail” Associate Professor Derek Richard, at Queensland University of Technology in Australia, has, with help from HoloMonitor M4, found a way to turn back time and make old cells young again.

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  • HoloMonitor M4 at Pazmany Peter Catholic University

    Dr Garay Tamás’ research focuses on cell migration and proliferation in cancer cells. HoloMonitor M4, with it’s potential to track cell events in a cell friendly environment inside the incubator will, hopefully, be a helpful tool for Dr Garay Tamas in his future research.

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    AACR 2018

    Phase Holographic Imaging | AACR 2018 Be among the first to see a walk-through of the HoloMonitor App Suite – a new proprietary software for analysis of images and data, especially developed for cell biological applications. Meet us for a demo – visit our booth #1740.

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